when getting dressed goes wrong

Guess who couldn't put together an outfit? 
Atleast I got something right at home this weekend. 

#blackfriday #tout
 In reply to the hashtag 'blackfriday' on my Vlog. 
What is Thanksgiving to you, a Holiday or only about Shopping?
Thinking about the people who are scheduled to work during those hours of insanity, all the planing that goes into scheduling the handful of people that might not have a choice due to a mgmt decision and the upset that might cause. And then there's some disapointment when someone might just want the company of friends and family at home. Going along with what your guests want to do sometimes creates disruption.  I feel for the person who goes the distance to open their home for a gathering like Thanksgiving.  Being a good host is a miracle.  When the guests decide to take their show on the road for the blackfriday shopping, the host might feel resentment toward his or her self or toward the guests.  Pray and be mindful of this when you're someone's guest, even if you've been to their place dozens of times.