Summer Grillin'

Country Music, BBQ grills, baseball and a sense of nostalgia. All of the tell tale signs that summer is right around the corner. With the season fast approaching, its time to break out all of those fun and colorful outfits! Anything to keep cool. Breezy skirts and complicated strappy shoes. The lure of crowded outdoor events should be calling you by name....
Beach towels, sand box, bam book club, television to be missed...trying not to be myself by wanting everything all at once. For example-i want to go to the oceanfront but feel the need to pack my gadgets and a book. Ellen says we overpack for vacations...its true.

This memorial day weekend, one hotspot to overpopulate will include the Jazz Festival at downtown Jacksonville.   

 Less than three weeks from now, Jacksonville Beach will be the place to be. The entire weekend will be reason to celebrate. Former resident, now professional surfer, Katrina Petroni will be putting Jacksonville back on the map. Anticipation is killing me, almost impossible to formulate any sense of this excitement with words! 
What are your favorite foods to throw on the grill?
My favorite foods to throw on the grill are smashed boneless chops seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  Bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, regular and shredded potato pancakes (not all at once, of course) also are some of my favorite things to throw on the grill.