Work Equals Force times Distance

constants and variables

This is how many saved contacts are in my address book on my phone and this is how many people i call just to say hi, this is how many missed calls are in my phone from the last three weeks 70+/3/0

these are just a few of the unfilled hours of my day i spend thinking about how out of place the rest of society makes me look and feel under-valued and uninspirable =24/7/365 because this is the average daily balance of my bank account = 0

(reading my twitter feed while updating facebook, checking to see who's signed to Skype, where the replies to my posts are, etc) 

this is the tool that i use to make myself feel miserable about my body image

this is what I'm encouraged to believe in to feel better these are the decisions i never had to make
these are the decisions i did make that were wrong

this is what i wake up and fall asleep to on TV

this is your reason for not caring to know- repetition empowers some and dulls others 
you seem to know and this is why we have nothing to discuss