Follow the thought
My concept of study abroad stems from personal experience. Picture some bright young man or woman voyaging overseas to study abroad. Overflowing with joy and excitement. Beaming to share with you a collection of some sort when they've arrived back home only to be let down.
When has routine taken the place of genuine novelty? How does the every day, average working class person create a failure to launch? Cautiously assuming this individual has never experienced an event like 'study abroad' I rest my case.

Relaunching my blog page with different templates recently that exact 'fear' was brought to the forefront of my mind. How is my page received? Who if anyone spends more than 30 seconds looking at the content on my page? Am I conveying any particular message? How misleading are the post labels I've began to incorporate?

Spent a little time studying the +BloggerHelp tutorials on Youtube Today. Also connected myself as primary contributor to this blog on my +Google account-just to clean up some fringe I've created. What was I waiting for? Useful Hint: Use the + symbol as a prefix and a link to the who you're mentioning in a post. Thanks +Blogger  team! Been here seems like forever in the dark my fault for no reason.  Since using labels as naviagation for this blog, will I be able to publish from email using the subject line as post label space or is there another way? Building my courage now to select the post directly from email option instead of leaving it in draft and scheduling from there.

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