Broken Character, Where's my Publicist!

How come @Vimeo ratings on Apples app store are so low?  Barely 3 stars, come on.  Its Vimeo!

Do TV Stars like athletes seem more down to earth than movie stars?  Are we just more likely to understand the background of athletes because of the attention voracious writers have given them?

Who watched the Superbowl pre game shows on the NFL network then the Honors Program Saturday Night?  What was the name of the host who did the interviews with 50 Cent and appeared with Dion Sanders and Beyonce?

Alec Baldwin makes me pay attention, wakes me up.  Like him.

MVP award winner this year got 'that look' from his mom..she almost wasn't smiling when the camera spotlighted her during the awards show. Hahaaahahahaa

The expo center was awesome, least the glimpses i saw.  Real interesting and elite brands were there.  Sort of like something I would expect to see at local race packet pick ups for running events.

Brought to you today via's moments :)