Navytimes ran a article about the closing of some base theaters.  Due to extensive budget reviews several military base theaters will be discontinued.  The reason I gathered from reading is a matter of cost relating to the expense of upgrading some outdated facilities.  On base theaters are competing with a demand for Imax ready cinemas that have become popular off base.  Fortunately the Navy decided to compensate by upgrading.

How does the box office seem to steer us towards mini reality checks? Check out @yahoomovies for a rundown of the titles that are now playing in theaters.  Beginning to understand how avid moviegoers are inclined to follow particular actors instead of being disappointed.  First time for me realizing that some movies really are worth waiting to watch on DVD or BluRay.  This reminds me of my tendency toward being unresolved, and slightly disappointed with myself, regarding an inability to be satisfied with my misunderstanding of mostly anything involving the power of personal appearance.  Also referred to as a terrible date mentioned constantly on @IamSteveHarvey.  Work in progress toward banishment of a mean spirited loathe of my husband for not wanting to spend extended periods of time away from home with me.

 I am Chef Boyardee.  @Folioweekly blurbed on @Facebook about MartiGras.  I need to look up the story behind King Cakes then maybe whip up a batch.