Monday Morning Pitch

Always encouraged to see the bigger picture.  Concept of ownership and scholarship.  When relating  the concepts of ownership from a cultural standpoint, some raw emotion seems to emerge.  With some effort one needs to think nationally and globally about ownership.  Power always resides with the owners of debt.  Ask yourself, who owns your debt?  

Deciding how to direct an argument for or against some topic usually involves a deal of introspection.  First overcoming the 'I ain't got that, how come they do' mentality.   We notice similarities like age and education levels.  Degrees earned and time spent serving.  Common suffering.  When culturally a someone appears 'different' or 'changed' we need to create a mental placement for this new order these semingly strange similarities.  

Did anyone read into the debate that took place between the Princeton Alumna regarding an open letter to the Princentonian about Undergraduates and keeping themselves on the lookout for potential husbands and wives?!  This was the last thing I expected to devote my attention to reguarding one of our nations top elite colleges. The point that was brought up during a segment on +Weekends with Alex Witt was the letters encouraging efforts to take on a holistic perspective.  I don't know what that means choice of word was used.  Other sources mention that the letter was originally deleted then retrieved.  The open letter was directed to women on campus that studied and focused primarily on their life on campus.  To be happy and content later in life with someone with similar interests and equally stimulating thinking about