Not a Kitchen Nightmare

During off time this week I decided to do some food-stylist type activity in my kitchen.  Eating right foods is difficult as it is when something quick and ready to eat is less satisfying.  The way food looks on a plate also helps in deciding what to eat.

Pay close attention to the television and any of the +Food Network programs.  Usually when the chefs are preparing something to eat in their kitchens, all of the utensils and foods are out on the countertop for quick and easy preparation.

Food Style works hand in hand with an easy to navigate cooking and prep area.  Does the inside of you're refrigerator look like something only used to store take out leftovers?  Can you visualize what items you've got on hand in your pantry cabinets without looking?  If you want to prepare a meal using what is in your pantry, do you first need to clear a sink full of dishes?  Do you unload and put away dishes from the dish washer shortly after they've been washed or wait until the next load needs to go in?
These are just a few thoughts.  For me, the joy of cooking and preparing meals gets lost when I try to begin from a messy prep station.  Try to think 2 or 3 meals in advance when cooking meals at home.  Remember not every time you want to make a meal going to the grocery store might not be an option.

Right now decide- is there anything in your freezer that could be defrosted?  What seasoning will be used to prepare fish, beef or poultry?  Do you find yourself more likely to make heavy hourdurvs for breakfast lunch and dinner?  What does your idea practical meal look like?

Eat what you feel comfortable preparing.  Imagine every meal you make being featured on television.
Marinade something ahead of time then be marveled.  The most amazing meal Ive had in weeks came from my kitchen pantry at home.