"Rap culture isn't all about Undesirables, Drugs, Guns, and Money."

Way too Early on MSNBC began to shed a new light on Rap music. The music a generation grew up listening to was now being played in the morning on the news! Did I just hear correctly? Willie Geist was talking about the economy and civil unrest in a foreign country then Ice Cube played as they cut to commercial? The gimic worked. We payed attention to what was being said, and began to have discussions about how the issues around the world have an impact on us. We felt inept and took a step back to examine our beliefs about who the people really are that bring us news everyday. I now know that they're goal is to create engagement with real people who live in real cities across the country.

This brings to mind the untouchable entertainment industry that has an impression on me. As an observer, I'm disheartened by knowing that talented young artists are getting ignored by mainstream press. With competition reality shows being produced by the hour these days, common local artists with a passion for making music are likely to stray and lose focus due to hype. We need to invest into creating an urban safety net for these individuals and their friends.

Dispelling a myth about the concentration of the entertainment industry and the need to outsource is a major concern. What makes cities like New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston and L.A. stand out as the Mecca for any and everywhere a musician needs to be to make it?  How is Youtube working against developing a talent base within your area code? 

There is a wealth of people like myself who have ties to this area through college, family, and or military that are still looking for ways to engage. These people don't want to feel naive or out of place when approaching someone for the first time in person that they meet in passing at the coffee shop, hair salon or at the mall.

This is why I'm so excited to be the first to publicly introduce the owners of DA Spinsary Music and Videos. As a benchmark of success within this urban community, MG and Ty opened for business in June. DA Spinsary is the go to place for personalized mix tapes, concert promotion and local artist spotlights. Over the last 5 years these entrepreneurs have faced many obstacles that could have taken their long time dream of owning and operating this business away. An untapped resource on this side of town, I hope that MG and Ty will earn respect and influence by building a vibrant business repertoire among various outlets here in Jacksonville. Join me in welcoming DA Spinsary Music and Videos to the neighborhood. By soliciting the fore mentioned sources about doing interviews for an article.

DA Spinsary is Online! Follow  +DaSpinsary   for updates about their live upcoming Internet radio broadcast via +BlogTalkRadio  and weekly Dish via +HangoutsOnAir.

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