Glocal Temperature Check: Extra Curricular and P.E.

Balancing the homework, extra curricular and family act is pivotal in the development process of young adults.  Where do all the great minds that develop intuitive projects come from? Changing our perception from the exclusive nature our athletes develop to professional young people focusing on a better and brighter future is our job as onlookers and overseers.  Aside from the awkward raging hormones and poor decisions they make- finding inspiration in the teenagers heart is priceless.  They say what's on their mind, do what they feel and are able to foster an idea until its tangible.  Independently and more brilliant in numbers with an untarnished view anything could happen with this spirit.
Just because organized sports may have changed appearances over the last decade doesn't mean they aren't to be included as protected extra curricular activities.
If my child spends his or her time equally between gaming with friends, tagging along with me to the gym and maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA, I'm happy and consider my parental duties fulfilled.  
Are extreme athletes a dying breed or just better organized?  Check out #LakeMichigan Surfer video on  Just around the corner we will merely be watching Winter Olympic games while dedicated gymnast Gabby Douglas continues her pursuit of victory.  Although the High school football season may have come to an end, right around the corner intense sport programs like diving, competitive swimming, horse back riding, track and field, marching band and rowing find difficulty being vital.   
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