Glocal Temperature Check: Education and Attendance

Empowering self governance.  Attendance matters and reflects later on in life.  Ask yourself this question: Am I able to do anything different to help?  How out of touch are we as decision makers?  Are foundational steps being made to build better educational goals for youth?  How does social economic standard apply to adapting to where change happens?  Minimum wage.  Business owners have difficult time raising the wage of their employees and find themselves in a bind when people they've hired cant show up to work. 

How do we reduce the complications of attendance?  Are administrative agendas getting in the way of or helping the overall performance of a district?  Are we asking the right questions?  How can some of the complications be alleviated from the group progress?  If a school isn't preforming well ask the right questions.  What percentage of students present only part of the time are affecting the group as a whole?  What is being done to change this, enforce attendance and create incentives for attendance? 

Concerns to still be addressed and work toward progress involve creating less complicated process for attendance.  When classmates notice their peers constantly showing up unprepared wearing inappropriate articles, it shows.  Classmates that fall behind are in a constant state of catch up.  How do we bridge the gap of highly effective students and bring everyone up to speed? 

Bubbly teachers, engaged students who want to learn and be accounted for, every seat occupied. This is a good day not only for teachers and administrators but for the students especially. 
Educators being happy with what they have been given.  Our investments in high quality early education showing. 

How are we supposed to shake up the system and help students look at college as an option if we cant get them to attend grammar school on a regular basis?

How do we insure caretakers and breadwinners upward mobility and not guilt trip them for needing to nurse their home back into health without throwing a label on their circumstance and harbor a trend of illness?