Reign of Rhonda: Uncomfortable in Abundace


IS this what blogging has come to?  An open invitation for party dude to show up?  Random people deciding to record themselves talking about nothing in particular and helping themselves to all my cookies and stuff at the house?  Some random joker with nothing to talk about when children are being traded as sex slaves, women are dying of heart disease and cancer has taken the life out of family units.  People have responsibilities and jobs and stuff to do.  How come this joker gets to have all the fun making YouTube videos, talking to everyone like they’re dumb and drinking all the bottled water?  Some random person deciding to be in the know.  Making their story like all important and better than anyone else.  Some random joker with glass eyes, stuck in a motorcycle helmet, angry at me for being pleasant.  Half smiling.  Hope you figure out how to get your broke butt up so I can remember how to go pack a gym bag.