Reign of Rhonda: Uncomfortable in Abundance

Went to bed last night as a last resort without the TV on.  Decided my master bath needed a facelift so bought a shower plant and  new outlet plates from Lowe's. Moving some accessories from the guest bath around as well. 

What workplace etiquette is applied to mixing business with pleasure? 

There isnt a formula that applies to every situation, however, some guidelines are discussed in the article. 

I love my kitchen like an office kitchenette during the day.  Here are a few items I'm looking for to keep this a happy space. 

Coffee cup mug rug

Soft pipe cleaning tools since I can't find any water bottle replacement straws. 

Soft scrub and disposable dish washing towels.

The Max Perks reward card could be used for these type of supplies. 

Lastly, don't be shocked  when a coworker decides to post updates from different sources like this on the cabinet door.  They just want you to stay informed.