Starting a Blog: Following Musicians, Authors and Media Personalities

Growing up, learning about a culture of struggle grown folks were managing and spoke of were made into motion pictures.
Boys in the Hood

Class Act
Miracle at Saint Anna
Baby Boy
Mississippi Burning
A Time To Kill
stand up acts by Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior

Some of the music icons included

Mahailia Jackson
Muddy Waters
Ray Charles
BB King

Sam Cooke
James Brown
Al Green
Marvin Gaye

Social and personal responsibility rests upon an individual to appreciate aspects of black culture.
Tell me about black history from your perspective. Were all characters role models, perfect citizens and scholars? Didn't think so.  We turn to the people we trust of this generation to introduce us to the stories of Medgard Evers, Nikki Giovanni, Cornell West, Melisa Harris Perry, Tyler Perry and Tj Holmes. Johnson Publishing is a company that produces Jet Magazine and Ebony.  Music and popular culture articles are shared by the Source magazine.