#WardrobeWednesday Thanksgiving Edition


Don't be all 'look at the amazing meal I prepared and not at me' this year is the thought I started with a week ago for this post.  One Thanksgiving several years ago I committed this crime.  It was the first year my husband and I hosted a holiday dinner at our residence.  I paid particular attention to what would be served, borrowed professional steno burners and aluminum pans to keep the food warm along with a long collapsible table to dine at.  Our house was filled with guest from home, work and church.  4 couples and 3 or 4 solo.  We fried a Turkey.  The spread was impressive, cornbread muffins, red beans and rice, stovetop, candied yams, greens, baked macaroni and cheese, ham and Turkey. 

How did all that  entertaining get planned without a fashion consult?  Did I ask myself, 'Nicole, what will you have on?' No.  Had my perfect chance to diva out and blew it.  One of my girlfriends brought the tragedy to my attention as we gather at the table.  She was right, I looked like hell.  My hair was insane as if I couldn't have taken the time to flat iron and wrap it hours earlier.  Pretty sure I wore the same pajamas or lounge clothes all day in the kitchen and for dinner. Everything was off.  At the last possible moment I hurried to change and try to fix my headshot.  The homely house wife image is what I despised.  Cold reminder of something I couldn't get right.  It was easy inviting people over & making a meal.  Being pleasant, content, inviting, and satisfied as opposed to overwhelmed, irritated and unnecessarily bossy should have been my priorities.  Thankfully this catastrophe happened before the current 'instant video-snapshot overshare obsession' days.