I'm in the habit of creating the wrong kind of posers.  

Change up a routine. Publicist.  
Where I'm stuck focusing 2 or 3 hours before I'm scheduled to be  somewhere. 

Insecurities.   Confrontation.   Placement. 

From 7am until 10am. from 5pm to 10pm. 

Be all about transit. Departing residence,  arriving to work,  departing work,  arriving at residence.  

Going further.   Making a transition.  Added value.   Exhaustive effort is the sort of work always valued over intelligent effort.  

Document that effort and why it's relatable.  Show something different with numbers.  

Demonstrate the struggle to resist predictability.  

Off days.   Early mornings. The giant time and energy restraints. 

Honesty.   Dependability.


Unhealthy sleep environment.   Dehydration.   Go play in the water.