Get a clue

Did I just walk by the tv and hear a reference  on the Ed Show to a Statement that Presidential Canditate Herman Cain made about all black people being brainwashed into voting democratic?  Hello dogfight.  Did he just go there?  Come on that’s like saying all of us eat chicken, and all white people are republicans.  (That’s me being funny don’t get offended)  So maybe in his generation a majority of black americans believed that voting anything other than democratic was just wrong-like a poor moral judgement or something that serious.  Please, Mr Cain get a clue.  Go find a copy of this book and enlightnen yourself.  That’s all. 

In other news…did you hear about the Earthquake in Washington DC a few weeks back?  Workers have been performing inspections using technology to retreive data about the building.  I want to see a political cartoon on that for some reason.  Hard hats, contractors suspended from the monument looking up information on their ipads, complaing about poor wifi signal reception or something.