she hit the deck running but didn’t realize her clothes didn’t want to go with her.   fell flat on her face.   LR no one wants to admit.  to release a vision where the minions understand, give and take of confidence that no one wants to come down to.  Running with a rank game is like fuel for sure.  Playing by new rules.  No one wants to admit when one wont trust him.  What are you getting paid to do according to you?
Well I sure as hell didn’t believe you, until then…so whatta you know?  Local stuff usually made her react.  Major ugly.  She’s not ur dog.  Could you believe he was that confident in knowing his God and your God as well?Picked that up where you left off like a mud man.    Oysters
youre too far away from him way over there on 75.  What was the intention behind suddenly hitting the road anyway? That behaivor makes us wonder and anger at you.  The only thoughts that land on a blank page for you are here. Getting a clear read on you is next to impossible since you read also.  Obliviously. One thing to be transparent, another to be swayed about. 
Everything seems to be a game to you and the only thing you do is keep tally, then tune out what was said only to make yourself seem right.  I’ve got an example.  Mimic something.  Expect something different to happen.  Flush out an old idea and allow yourself to be new.  Don’t allow letdown to steer your attitude.  Know your source.  Then he walks up and says to her, here tomas, theis is where I play from.  Where do you wear your belt and How do you use it?
third three tres hoda
Then the chain of events, the hug the alter the exact location.  The difference of styles the ego trips.