Plinky 8/12

Share a fear that you're working to overcome

Tonight, there is a perfect sense of balance in the air.  I’m officially past the age of all night drinking binges, club hoping, etc.  I still do however sense a need to be away from the house more often so I decided to take myself on a walk around a department store.  I’m not afraid of buying outrageous clothes or accessories it just seems like some things look ridiculous.  What would I look like walking my dog around the block carrying an oversized handbag and wearing 4 inch stilettos?  Besides the sure instance of being prone to falling over from being pulled by the unruly dog, I just don’t think that would make much sense, bending over to pick up a pile of poop wearing a wristful of bangles.  Not having anywhere to get dressed up to go shouldn’t be an excuse but that’s just it.  I could make a point to sit at coffee shops overdressed for certain parts of the day-maybe just to have a reason to put on something beside s jeans and a little bit of makeup. 

So I go walking around the store looking at the silly doll clothes and shoes, nearly disappointed but mostly just to get a sense of what is really being worn.  You know what was really cute?  Some of the handbags that were knock off designer brand types.  That’s what I was afraid of.  Despite the outrageous animal prints, pleather and overly colorful prints, some of them were really cute.  I food this one right, only $20,  an oversized purse thing that would have served perfectly as a computer bag book bag thing.  Of course the only one I could find was a sensible sized one in boring faux leather and a normal square shape.  I was really thinking about that one.  then there were the balloon puffy ones that kind of looked out of my age group with the shiny claspy things and heavy but practically useless straps. 

Basically I guess I’m becoming afraid of looking out dated but at the same time don’t want to look ridiculous wearing these faux shoes and bags.  Don’t they just scream something wrong to you when you see someone walking around the mall carrying the same thing?  Like for real, you’re being watched with your big stupid bag you decided was a must-have and you didn't even know.  ha-ha.  Maybe what I'm trying to say here is I have a developing fear of fashion.  Its like this force of a determined man or woman coming on way too strong, to the point of me becoming afraid of her/him.  Is fashion trying to stalk me?  I’ve never been one to follow the popular latest trend in clothing(mainly because I’m just not in the single digit sizes and never have been) or shown that much interest in it to begin with.  I like jeans, sneakers, T-shirts and comfy underwear.  I like to be able to slip into a good sports bra and shorts when I want to go swim or exercise.  I need to be able to breathe in whatever I have on.  There was a time I would find getting dolled up for a reason, but those have left me in some time warp.  Mind you, I’m sure when the time comes I wont look completely foolish in an attempt to dress up but hang on, I’m not planning on that any time soon.