Plinky Thursday! Week of September 18th

Who writes the best songs?
Usually corporations that recruit fresh young talent to write something for their product or business commercials.  For instance who can forget any of the songs from Dairy Queen, McDonald's or  the local commercials for lawyers?  The pretzel m&m commercials are funny.  The gum commercial where the service person asks, can I pay you with gum?  Oh, and what about the automotive dealers that promise in house financing and put their adorable kids up to the task of promoting the company?  Who doesn't get caught off guard by the drug commercials, with their benefits and side effect warnings that surely will kill you, make you better, but probably kill you?  Those commercials that work on our psych.  Like the technical colleges that urge you to call by having a young man or woman describing how their life completely turned around from the one phone call they made to begin taking classes to earn a degree in a short amount of time.  The repetition of commercials that air during specific times of day or night, promoting the cancer treatment hospitals always make my stomach turn.  Those usually show up late at night when drinkers like myself are already depressed and forced to consider the benefits that are available for self betterment.  But still, who can say they don't love the new Corona commercials or the Hooray, Beer! guy?   Ok ok, lets lighten things up again-how about those orkin pest control commercials with the giant bugs delivering pizza or the party that was going on when the unsuspecting homeowners are away?    Corporations write the best songs, and somehow know how to recruit the best talent to promote their product. 
To broaden the topic slightly, take into consideration the specifc medium that is being worked with.  Be it audible music, visual graphics or spoken words, individually there is room for debate when making a statement about writing the best songs.