What in the world is keeping the hamsters spinning at this hour?! Nonsense as follows:
  1. My ode to the people who, without inhibition, pick up that polka-dot tie, blouse, or dress and wear it well.
  2. Coming off as 'way too secular' or up-ity to be trusted or accepted by church folk
  3. Trying to figure out where to purchase a prepaid Mastercard for secure online transactions-and whether or not Target carries them and should I even bother?
  4. Duteronomy, Our Bible, Our Alpha and our Omega
  5. Being less obsessed with what I know in order to make way for a new sense of belonging
  6. Jehovah's Witnesses, Catechism, Masons and Etiquette
  7. Priorities, Values, and Time Management under a sober spotlight while celebrating & keeping a joyful disposition
  8. Hesitating about joining a 'scout troop' (aka church) I've noticed in the community and making new friends that will eventually w/o a doubt want to know where my old man is at.
  9. Eager to spend classy adult time with my husband who acts like an 'old man' and doesn't share my enthusiasm about New Years Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Anniversaries, Picnics, having company, or Birthday parties. Not even walking the dogs. Activities as a couple in general(minus sex) sour him and force me to be content by myself while avoiding the  display of weird, whiny, and overly emotional behaivor.
  10. Not being myself or being overly keen
  11. Etc. Etc.

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