#PlinkyPrompt Response Oct 21st

Plinky prompt  10/21: Do you think you’ll ever try to live in another country?  Where and How long?

Personally I don’t have any plans on moving outside of the United States in the near future. Could you imagine though, for a moment, the incredible dynamics of what people would do just to live here? People that do arrive after going through hell and high water are silently determined. Many find work, earning barely enough money to live off of. They get sick, just like anyone else does and need medical attention. They need somewhere to eat, sleep, bathe, etc. Not only do they face the trials of the voyage from Mexico, the laws of the land are working against everything they’ve obtained as soon as they arrive. We depend on the infiltration of migrant workers in the United States yet don’t admit it. We don’t want to hear about the way our Government is working toward documenting illegal immigrants, how States account for public services to illegals or how the children of illegal immigrants born in the United States are failed. Nope. We just want to hear a story. Most agree that people who break the law are criminals, that the states are doing what they can to take care of undocumented workers, and that every child born in the United States has an equal opportunity. People that make the decision to cross the border to live in the United States illegally have a great desire and I am sadly aware of the fact that I fail to fully comprehend those dynamics.


Facts about illegal immigrants from a documentary on Current TV first aired in 2010

  • 1 in 10 people born in Mexico are now living in the united states
  • the number of illegal immigrants total living in the US is more than the combined populations of New York and Chicago
  • increased security has make the voyage more deadly for illegals to cross the border into the United States.
  • Much of the food we consume in the US has been handled by illegals at some point
  • Human trafficking smuggling is 90 percent of the town’s income documented in the program
  • Great desire to come to United states causes people to keep trying even if they’ve been caught.
  • Cartel’s are in charge of the town and are asked for permission to cross the border by groups wishing to make the voyage.
  • People act as guides are called Coyotes