maybe cause this is like

like they never dwell in disorder
like they play with less
like you know how to count
like you have my number
like the tone is all wrong
like the door doesn’t stay wide open

like this was veiled
like this was shown
like that didn’t dissolve
like not being constantly disappointed
like he doesn’t need to take a dump
like those were for sale
like everyone knows her
like this isn’t where I’m at

like I’m supposed to know how
like he had to sing to them today
like I know how she knows
like I’m not to sleep in here
like I’m a freeloader
like I’m homesick
like I’m showing wisdom
like I’m supposed to be dishonest
like I’m not being read
like I’m not supposed to forget

like I enjoy carrying weight
like I remember the refinery
like I wanted to fill this out
like I got lost in the Piccadilly by the cornfield
like I want the spotlight
like I locked something
like I stole a tooth

like I don’t know how to shut up
like I don’t catch heat
like I don’t feel that
like I don’t know how to be kind
like I don’t get confronted

like I know Kanye music
like I know the liquor store
like I know daycare
like I know strawberry shortcake
like I know what goes on in the apartment across the hall
like I know how I’m showing a good sir name
like I know how I know this matter inside and out
like I know how shit flys
like I now how a vein heals
like I know how to ride a bull
like I know how to postponement