Questions, Rants and Concerns

I've got a question about integration related to smart phone applications and internet sites.  Recently Ive found  Its advertised as a short video update-could be compared to a video voicemail.  Another site i like to visit is for their daily writing prompts.  Is there a reason that these aren't integrated?  I mean, why cant i sign into my blogger and be linked to plinky?  Wordpress users can.  Why does tout have a smart phone app for iPhone and android but not blackberry? 
I'm intelligent enough to figure out how to record a video, post it to twitter and write a blog then have the feed hashtaged and integrated into my twitter feed.  What's so special about wordpress, android and iphones?  Also, is there a reason I've never created a tumblr account? 
I suppose i get angry when I've become accustom to navigating one site and then it seems within a couple weeks another site with the same bells and whistles but different compatibility leads me to believe I've forgotten something.

Anyway on with the prompt question
What albums did you grow up listening to?  Thats simple.  Heres a story.  My mom was always obsessed with having thunderstorm music blaring.  She said it helped her sleep.  No kidding.  When compact discs became popular and she bought a boombox that was capable of playing CD's, there were nights you would wake up and swear it was raining outside.  Nope that's just the thunderstorm CD on repeat. 

What makes you nervous?
Illegal race horse slaughtering.  Read the article.  This is absolutely awful.  How in the world are human beings capable of such cruelty?  I don't want to go down a path about all the inhumane things that are done to animals.  But just think about the urbaner who has domesticated pets like cats, fish, dogs, etc.  Now think about people living in rural area who keep pets like horses.  Losing a pet causes greif.  I would never want to feel the devastation of guilt, shame or greif those who have lost horses due to illegal slaughtering must feel.