When the weather changes

For the rest of this week the forecast predicts rain and cooler temps. I enjoy the change-the early morning crisp cool air-the feeling an all day rainshower brings and the lazy feel of contentment that staying close to home provides. Only trouble with that is knowing being settled and contemplative leaves room for distraction and an oncoming dissatisfaction. How do I make the most of these without feeling bottled up? Without becoming drowsy? Without losing track of my time in the schedule of what the rest of the world is fixated on? I'm tired of being caught resting and being the easy target for dissatisfied discussions. What I want to do is dramatically alter the appearance of my washroom and over sized walk in closet. Feels like such a wasted space that serves as a drop point for odds and ends. What's the significance of doors and platelets and dishes being cleaned? Why does giving blood and donating to the salvation army seem like top priorities? And protein? How did my humanities credit get swaPped for biology and shop? Running with the metho-dists in Newport News and Salem? What's SMH to you, See my heart, see my health, see me happy, See my hell, smile hard, see my head, see my humor?  Pls, pumpkin spice latte!
Ice breakers. Mint chocolate chip and  Mug of hot chocolate with candy canes.
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