For a time I believe ive been giving ear to a group of weak or troubled recovering individuals who had lost sight of things.  I have been with them in spirit it seems too long-so long that that I feel uncomfortably familiar with them.  Dead ends. Like ive been awaken from a deep slumber or reserve into a battle that I’m not sure who’s called me into.  I hear from deep within my spirit a question that challenges me to answer-Where have you been?

There were times I’ve had doubt about where I am, what I believe and what that interperts to you and yours.  How much I attempt to remain without an ajenda, without some gospel to shout, without a policy to adhere to and live through.  Somehow my attention and my energy is drawn out and I am left to be misunderstood and written off.  Voiceless.

If you could only listen and have an understanding of the inner thoughts speaking through me, you would without a doubt go mad.