women's names

(A Heather)
Notice how women have names like April and Easter?
thinking about the power we have on and the lack
or desire around the world creates uncomfort, boredom
for missionaries.
Shoping here or teaching words? Woah drama I'm showing my age
 and Jesus jokes?! Thank God for infomercials.
  He's always here just look at that and say woah?
Thinking about the word we learn and how the parodies are interpreted
how something is provoked-between women dishing dirt among one another
-asking who is your father? Like a woman fed up with her daughter
and admittedly declaring her own sins to shatter the foundations her daughter stands on.
  Provoking thoughts-like remember that, remember this-when our heavenly father teaches us to forget-as he forgives sins in repentance.
  How we become objects of hecklers for the parents to look away from the product of their dysfunction. When we are taught to seek and know God is with
is when all we believe in is crumbling away. When we choose to look away from the cold hard mockery of encouragement and walk with steadfastness and courage.
When we refuse to acknowledge that something isn't in place-out of order.  When Something is shown light. Desire the weight to be lifted. The ligght shouldn't be the load- the load should not be heavy.

    Who told those trees to speak and be proud and to take back their land? Who encouraged them to know their roots and to crowd out what is beneath them as if declaring that
the brow they create is so unique and attractive to block out something? Who does your team belong to? What is your goal and do we have a relationship? Are you profit or prophet? I know where I placed you and long for the entirety of grand living with you
 present and connected as my memory serves correct. Not out of lack we desire to provide. Have we been neglected for a reason? Gathering for a cause while enjoying what we work for. Keeping in mind yes the big bottomless pit of lack in the world but being able to wholly enjoy what we do have. Jesus preaching as a child and the yikes that causes. Are we given anytime? Are we given the opportunity to speak? Ypung boys often have trouble speaking and we know how important hearing them speak iz. Don't be disppointed when something or someone is not where or what is expected. @ a country club where some ignition haPens and co workers and family collide. How much the one we serve dislikes separation and the cues we receive as intuition about the dysfunction that may result. When something new is introduced that is unwelcome. How a separation causes upset. Did you take care of something for me?
(A jessa)
We have a long relationship together. We were supposed to be friends years ago. From a distance I witnessed your contempt for me. And insid e out you offer me a sinus problem? According to taking a deep breath years ago we would have been close. I'm worried about you around them. Gruesome the way I choose to wake you in a job-every time you are confused and something of a mess. Something to be devoured and fed to the hungry. Take that seriously I'm told. As I lose my mind the strong man persistently finds a stregnth and how someone wanted to rob me of that as if I've ran into you naked. When your rants and raves about everything in the woirld that hurt and hate and wear away at something and someone notices and becomes offended impulsively.
As I look around the room I awaken in nothing except forgotten things of another life surround me. My texture an impression. Whaylt I'm able to foot and what an inconvienence something might cause. My number with you must be confusion and a turned up nose. Skoal moving has them impatient where we are familiar with her voice and use it against something as we walk in to get what we wannt and leave you to clean up the mess as you're reminded of an old friend and expense reports from the iffy house she cleaned up in.
Had thirst in all day early onset from just after midnight. Woke up and took me out to the park for a while. Had some fun watching her be around and learn how to use the charcoal grill for a breakfast treat me and her enjoyed. Then we flew right out of there like no ones business. Had a few stops to make I got sick in the car we was moving so quick. She had got me some water and then I went out for a walk and she called me back.
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