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You've had enough with being #devilsadvocate and exploring #necessaryevil for today tweeple #finalthoughts #amen thanks for lunch
you really ought to eat less squid btw
Need to have more clothes that require dry cleaning only
Intrigued by aquariums and all the different types of fish #700club
Restaurant and city names that make me giggle
Feather and Fin Hoboken
The history of indentured servants
And the native american sweat lodge
Holla if u see her says the snitch
walks round the house like the monkey on toy story
just to make the dead walk or float because the wicked don't rest in those roots you're reminded
Marti Gras! Mr James Eli
Still debating about the NBA lockout makes it difficult for me to smile or swallow
Caught between Velcro straps and astro turf
Red carpet on a level in a hotel that doesn't look so new after all
Then a quick stop
Stickin with the gel
Lights on or lights off? City or country? Black or white?
Nehemiah and 'Isaiah' how he say it with a funny sound to make you remember?

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