This #Mental #Emotional Time of Year

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So many types of crafty gift ideas to pass the time are making me want to hit the fabric store.  I  visualize making an assembly line with addressed stationary, some small ornament type handmade gifts but hesitate.  I'm creative but not skilled.  *eyes narrow* Say for instance someone receives the gift I've assembled and automatically says, I could do that better.  Really?  grrrr
Buying pre packaged gifts are simple but don't say much by themselves.  I'm a fan of going the extra distance to gussy up things when time allows.   
The holiday time of year causes strife and is attached to feeling of depression for some people.  Remembering the failed attempts to bring people together.  Trying too hard to please everyone.  Taking the wrong things personally.  Being in and keeping a good story straight with personal, national and spiritual roots is a goal. How people are able to move through those difficult moments is by having a fresh word and applying that word to a personal story, without the story becoming simply diluted and transferable.  Having discernment about the way a story might be interpreted and possibly believed by the masses shouldn't necessarily cause someone to quit doing or being in the moment.  Never forget to give credit to the proper source of the stories that are shared. Looking fwd to this Thanksgiving and noticing something different in the air tonight. 

My obsession with NYC....
.......a mental emotional thing