Catching #Frisbees

Spiritual Discipline as with a routine of some sort.  How do I make the most of the time during the day?  For instance this morning, I woke up to do something.  I began picking up the clothes that were washed last night to iron since some of the clothes had become wrinkled from being in a heap overnight.  Suppose what i intend on doing as far as a routine, could be compared to the popular TV show, Jersey Shore's saying 'GTL'.  Meaning Gym, Tan, Laundry.  Simple, yet makes so much sense.  Break a sweat, mind personal hygiene, eat and so on.  Something of a discipline that at least keeps a sense of regularity to the day.  More practically or lazily or realistically my goals are to eat rest sleep but i don't believe that's been very effective or beneficial to anyone besides myself. Asset Protection I think about stuff too much.  Basically yesterday i was having a discussion about 'what if' situations and was coming up with different scenarios of coming into contact with a instance where carelessness would have me at a loss.  Like being in a social situation and having my laptop mysteriously be taken away.  For that remedy i think purchasing a laptop lock cord that plugs into the machine and allows it to be fastened to a table.  to prevent potential thieves from walking in, scoping out the area, and walking out with my belongings.  I know I have the tendency to become distracted in public.  My point was, suppose I'm in the middle of whatever i may be doing in public and nature calls.  Getting up and packing everything up just to go pee doesn't make sense when I could have the laptop securely fastened down to my work space.  Also another way to save a seat when you're in a busy environment. 
Civilization what does that mean?  are we talking about something of a group of people and their relationship to the environment they're living in?  Being civilized, having a place of common ground.  Operating and living within that common place.  The dictionary refers to civil as: of citizens in their ordinary capacity, or of the ordinary life and affairs of citizens, as distinguished from military and ecclesiastical life and affairs.  Ordinary life and affairs distinguished from ecclesiastical life affairs and military life affairs. 
 Surge Protection OK so there's an outlet at my house that could become better used.  There's a couple things that are constantly plugged in to the specific outlet I'm referring to.  The location of the outlet and the items plugged in is somewhat of a central location in the family room area.  How could I create more use from that outlet?  With the purchase and installation of a surge protector.  To expand on that simple thought, what reason do some businesses refuse to incorporate more outlets?  Ever been to a coffee shop or restaurant that advertises wifi but doesn't offer much practical seating near the power outlet for adapting your computer when the battery might be getting low?     
Resonance what causes this?  Getting eaten up by something that resonates with me from day to day and I'm not sure what triggers it.  Standing up, sitting down, walking.  As if a command has not been given for this action therefore creates a disturbance. a resounding of that is engaged.  Titles like that create an interest and prod until you find out more about what that could be.  Or a question that presses you into a treasured state of mind like what does Arel time lapse video footage of a marathon look like?  Creating believers a simple idea, right?  Not so fast.  Something came to mind about liquidating some of the unused items Ive accumulated around the house.  Like what is this stuff sitting around here for and why isn't it being used?  Mainly a way for me to get stuff out of the spare room and garage to make better use of those spaces.  Ideally i would like to make room in the garage for home office and gym equipment since I actually like being out there.  Just needing to make things more tidy.  The proposed thought was to navigate the world of online auctions to offer some of my stuff to sell, connect with the global economy or just household to household.  Ha.  Like a way of re purposing something, creating a small income and to look at the things i have in a different, value added perspective.  I might be overwhelmed at the moment with old t-shirts and want to reduce the amount of casual clothes in my wardrobe where someone else may have a need for more t-shirts.  There's a way to recycle what i already have for a profit. Now on to creating this could be understood.  I believe that my understanding of greed could spark others into guided re purposing of their possessions as well.  I believe that making ends meet is a common goal among civilized individuals so why not believe in myself act upon that belief eventually causing others to believe in themselves?  I believe that there's still value in some of the stuff I've got laying round the house not being used and intend on exploring ways for someone else to show me how to better use, store them or offer to buy things in order to relieve me, the ultimate goal.