Glass Bottles and Gingerbread Houses


Have you ever saved those neatly shaped glass bottles of liquor or wine and wondered what to do with them?  Few and far between are my visits to the shelves of a liquor store to find a specific ingredient for a special mixed drink I’ve imagined up or read about in a magazine.  How adorable are the half pint bottles or those mini shooters?  So I've come up with an idea.  Instead of discarding them after their contents have been consumed, save them and follow these steps:

1)  Soak the clear glass bottles in hot water to remove the labels. 

2)  Gather small things like shells, fresh flowers, berries, etc.

3) Partially fill the bottles with the small things then fill with oil

4) Use wine bottle corks to seal the bottle along with pieces of hemp

Deciding not to do a Google search for particular project yet, however, am curious to know exactly what will keep the bottles permanently sealed. Suppose I should just be able to play around with the idea without getting myself worked up over how someone else has constructed similar projects. 



These are a few images I pulled off the internet related to gingerbread houses.  They look so complex.  Using graham crackers instead of the ginger cookie makes the decorating somewhat faster and I suppose one could mass produce gingerbread houses with that method.  Either way, I think they are adorable.