Trial and Error

What a morning to remember! Something as simple as allowing myself to wake up and instead of letting the dogs wander in the back yard to do their business, I took them out around the block on their leashes.
Just hope they didn't pick up any scents that they like so much they want to bring into the house with them. I notice them doing that from time to time, sniffing around the yard looking for their stink then as dogs do, get comfortable and begin to give themselves a bath.Gross.  This is why I'm constantly cleaning! I fight the urge to dump everything I have on into the washing machine as soon as I walk back in the door. Suppose  someone wants to drop by and catches a whiff of the journey we just took with the dogs?  I wouldn't want them to come to the wrong conclusions about me just by the way my presence might smell to them at any particular moment of the day.  I digress.  Not trying to create random insecurities. 
  So call me something of a clean freak. After their walks I try to freshen them up somewhat with a washcloth and warm soapy water. We went for a walk last night. Before I let them out of the car I set their water bowl down just outside of the door, something I ought to remind myself to do before leaving the house as well. The simple stuff really counts.  Having things like their leashes, my phone charged and headphones close by, their water bowl out before a walk, the house keys, a comfy outfit, empty pockets, a small trash bag to pick up their business or other random litter on the street, a reusable shopping bag to keep my hands free,  a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer, a clean washcloth and some pet friendly soap really make a difference. 
I imagined myself as a puppy snob living in some economical city apartment while we were walking.  I acted as if we were just going for a stroll as I was on my way to leave them at the doggie day care.  They're looked after and taken care of during the day while I am afforded the opportunity to concentrate on my agenda for the day.  My assistant usually takes them over to daycare but today I walk them myself.  She has some other errands to run this morning.  Hard to think of myself as a boss like that, expecting so much from someone.  I value people and sometimes find it difficult to express that.  Suppose I expect everyone know how to have working relationships without being cold, how to be competitive without being obnoxious, how to work, live, and play together while minding each others space.

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