#HSN has made being a hermit fror the last few days bearable, soaking up as much goodness one can stand.  They might be my new hero.  Move over Capt. Planet!  Indulged further by watching afternoon talk shows.  Agree with a comment made by Anderson Cooper about 'So much pressure goes into having a great time on New Years Eve that its fusterating.'  The Weather Channel featured an article I found interesting-mostly because of the picture....
5 Cool U.S. Places to Spend New Year's Eve
Wonder if these people are inside this house?  Me too.
Aside from being disapointed with a few random tweets, their obnoxious usernames, the lack there of from one @ChuckTodd,  I'm coming up with resolutions to celebrate the 2012 NBA season.  Sunday was the first day of the long awaited arival of the missing component of Americas passtime.  There couldn't be anything more engaging.  Woohoo the ESPN personalityes are on with their inside scoop.    I'm so caught up in the thrill seeking reality of an outspoken fan, shouldering the weight of an unspoken responsibility.  Somewhere the silence is broken for some long awaited spark to ignite a thrill of some sort. Weight of the air is unusual.  The first resolution is not to talk trash about Kobe.  Suppose that shouldn't be so difficult.  As the halftime show begins, I know that i should seize the opportunity to produce something worthy of reading, however, my attention is drawn away (since i wasn't wholeheartedly watching anyway) shortly toward the direction of a kiosk that demands the return of one video ive rented or will charge a penality fee.  Taking a different approach to forming opinions about the game instead of being mediated to about the players and such is my next resolution.  Overall examination of the institution (poor word choice) of professional basketball is sure help me catch on.