Friday! is Finally here...until Saturday

Could I rip the Diane Reems show and title this post "Fresh Air with One Misplaced Wonder?"  I dont know.  Wanting to greet my new followers on twitter. Hi. Hello, buenos dios.  Como estas?  Not typically the one to stop and make a point to say hello but anyway, happy new year!  What brings you to follow me?  Don't tell me I owe you money.  Don't try to stray me into believing we're long lost pals from that one time at the skating rink either. : /  Cotton candy made me sick and I don't roller skate backwards.

FYI: Today's post is really boring. 
So, with that said lets begin with something i find humor in randomly. Throughout the house this morning as I'm getting ready leave.  My husband somehow leaves subliminal messages for me and Ive decided to share.  There's a magazine he subscribes to (i think) and on the cover this insanely ripped bodybuilder is starring down at his magnificently swollen muscle bound arm.  Understatement I'm sure but still, its funny.  Not that we have this magazine or anything, just the pose this guy is in.  I sort of feel bad for pointing this out cause someone might misunderstand the humor I find in this. 
Anyhow.  I'm beginning to realize that my dog really doesnt' like me at all.  (The pit-mix)  We're working on our relationship, some good days and some not so good.  This is a senerio I catch all to often.  For instance, every time she comes near me she seizes up.  Like oh damn I done messed up.   This reaction generally angers me since I'm not upset with her at all.  So I wait, momentarily, wanting to know what she needs.  Since she's looking around, I assume she either is hungry or needs to go potty, right?  I stand up to let her outside to go potty and what does she do?  Curls up in a ball and sits by the backdoor like 'let me back in the house.'  WTF?  Just go potty when I let you outside and stop starring at me.  Next move.  She comes back inside the house and in a hurry tries to avoid me,  further annoying me.  And finally she just goes pee right there on the carpet.  Well thanks.  Now I'm angry.  This plays out over and over all day long.  Don't even get me started on when the hubs gets back home from work.  I've kept them happy most of the day.  When he arrives  it seems they turn on me. then begin to act foolishly, doing the same thing they've done to me all day now with him and I get furious with them and him.  Makes me feel like a terrible person but i know I'm not. 

Since this weekend I've been playing junk wars with myself.  Finally settled down enough to  realize nothing is worth getting that worked up over unless I've actually got a reason to move things around: ie new furniture.  So there's this awesome hand me down desk I had in storage covered with tools and garage type things just not being loved out in the cold garage.  Reson being was the size of this thing and honestly I hadn't decided on the best room to make into a study.  I like the garage but not really adequate lighting and lacks a certain coziness.   Low and behold.  A new desk.  Not one of those crappy ones either.  this one has plenty of workspace. 
Geeze. Post this thing already I keep telling myself.  That might just happen shortly.  Lets see, Is there anything else I need to do today?  Yes. 
toodles : )