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All the preparation for the arrival of JayZ and Beyonce's baby girl has been set into motion. Their entourage of estate managers, close friends and family were interviewed and among the admirers from the couples significant fan base were First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Malik and Sasha.
Some of the questions that were asked about the baby were directed toward passers by at a Tim Hortons bakery in Brooklyn:

Do you look forward to updates on JayZ and Beyonce's baby girl's first celebrity play dates?

Who will be among the first to interview Jay Z on being a daddy? Michael Baisden? Rachael Ray? ColbertTony Reali?

How will she be called? One recent song recorded by JayZ we heard mention of 'Brooklyn Carter' in a song from the American Gangster Soundtrack titled Hello Brooklyn as the name of his daughter. Is that true?

We're assuming the couple plans on doing much of their new arrival's care taking over the next 18-24 months from their estate near the campus of Umass.

The stress of parenting is especially difficult being popular culture icons. Throughout the last two decades we have tracks etched into our memory about life through their individual experiences. Finding courage, strength,  direction and embrace we subconsiously have connections through music composed by these two legendary artists.        

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