#omw thread #106

Who follows beef...? You never like what's cooking her.

Pour yourself into the shallow depths of someone else's mind game and don't try to act disappointed when you find out how something works and lose interest. Learn how to ignore something. Understand how this will finish/settle/die/fade/etc. New money says you don't deserve that and then they take away. That's just tacky.

Did I ask for soup? Stop it. Poignancy is an interesting word. Rh factor is an interesting concept. What makes these volumes so loud!

Do you know how something gets worked to death? Find a problem then another then another then another and don't allow yourself to be satisfied until nothing is left. Rinse and repeat. That's no way to live but some manage. Now stop trying on all those mistakes. Wearing all those faults around like there's only a yesterday.

People disappoint me more than anything else, I choose to covet my household of four legged companions. Manageable, unconditional love. They don't ask trivial questions. They don't need me to fill out an application to know what lies I can come up with to impress them. They don't care if my gas tank is empty. They don't care if the laundry isn't done or folded. They don't care if the garbage is taken out and the lawn is mowed. They don't care if anyone calls me. They just need to see my face. They just want to be fed. They just want to not be afraid. They just want to know where to be. Just sitting here with this gun in my hand, that's all.

you hear them givin her a headache? and beep beep like- I'm here to see jake, I know the routine. That's good milk, That's good.

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