Here's to a completely sober funny bone

Here's to this bottle of wine going down the drain in my money pit. Heres to that devoured bird.  Here’s to recycling.  Heres to this stadium being filled and heres to building better leaders.  Heres to fueling my ego and believing.  Heres to mention of the sideways pulpit and finally, heres to making appointments. Ive completely misplaced my audience.  What do you want to learn today?  Will you respond to this writing with friendliness or hostility?  BTW enough with the formalities, I can barely drive as it is.  How are your demographics and attitudes again?
seems you’ve stumbled across this bit of internet fart from my desk because I have no grasp on the meaning of ‘world wide web’.
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Many many verses from a great poet have me mused at the moment. (Fightin was real, livin was hell.) Reading them over and over only help me to find the reason my 484 seems to be staring over my shoulder, out of patience, overworked and underpaid.  Not my fault someone knows how to work themselves out of a job.  We could do this all day but cant  get over the deep seated burn by my side that ensues.  Oh this hook I’ve grown to love so dearly with plugged ears might be the reason these hours and minutes seem to never take away, never seem to interact or respond.   My ear has long been away from the sound of these implosive groans begging for more room.  I see flowers and think, how disgusting! those little devils! making a stink and doin it right in front of me!  No wonder they stay blushed.  Oh.  That’s just me, standing up and not recognizing myself.  Now was that the phone I heard ring.  Too bad, I don’t know where she’s at or how those lights just turned on themselves.  Someone loves me some eggs and spam!
No, i don't intentionally sound like a miserable old woman reading to myself. just comes across that way.   Surely my joy is abundantly shown over the length of this silly note.  Would I rather read an article of newsprint, an article of clothing, or a note?   How about an overpriced tweet?

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reading some of the posts here and seeking encouragement.

Just thinking about getting back into a serious job hunt has me rattled.
The competition out there is cruel I remember from past experiences.
Seems like I have to sell myself short just to score a position that takes more out of me than I can afford. 
Transportation to and from with a +170k mile vehicle, public transportation that would add 4 unpaid hours easily to a workday, the know it all associates, the need to know it all associates, the happy front needed to maintain working relationships, and the uniforms or dress code are things i do not look forward to. 

then of course my PDA would become an issue, warning me not to be preoccupied on the clock.
Seems like I'm just stuck with the mindset of a retiree who doesn't want to go job hunting or deal with middle management interviews for a minimum wage position. 
I'm satisfied.

Despite the difficulty admitting this, I haven't the motivation to be rejected, therefore choose not to pursue a job search at this time. this doesn't sit well with me. 
Any advice on getting myself out of this rut without lying to myself and further upsetting my household that's lost the ability to renew faith in attempts to map a career path? 

I'm an able bodied, intelligent homeowner yet cant see past the driveway. (don’t consider this your invitation either, tea drinker, aka well to do info hog aka nothing better to do than take this information, add me to some mailing list for bullshit work at your leisure data dump communication) Fed up with pretending that I’m not smart enough to make decisions for myself.  Fed up that this has become all about an individual rather than what I want to share.   These people and their dogs again…I’m over it.

go note don't worry its not reel