Piled on the floor I have found several pieces of junk mail.  The same announcements week after week.  The coupons for Captain D's, Hardees, various pizza joints and Family Dollar really don't bother me.  The credit card ads, mortgage reducing ads and 'whip my ride' ones get annoying.

In the movie traffic one of my favorite lines is when the Michael Douglas goes into the office of the person he is relieving.  During their interaction, the advice is given frankly.  In trouble open the first letter.  It read  blame everything on me.  In the next time of trouble, the second letter was opened and read, write two letters. 

Something about election time bring out the strangest things.  Some people become introverted, wanting to disconnect from everyone and everything familiar.  Politics in general sometimes bring out the best in others.  I'm sick of knowing both sides of an argument before it even happens.  Mental real estate....

Last night I was glued to the TV switching between Disney and CNBC.  The documentary on before the online dating one last night talking about Apple Inc.  I didn't know that Jobs had been let go from the company and merged again ten years later. 

Somehow I woke up listening to Red Eye on Fox.  Made me want to jump out of my skin.  They were discussing someone on house arrest that gets the police called every time he lets his dog outside. Their back and fourth made me lose interest in the topic.  No one on the panel made strong points. So much for paying attention.