My Bold Face

My iphone
my stinky food
my troubles
my overpriced tweet
this amusement park is the whole world
not getting along and cant afford a fight cause i think im cute
their ego wanting to own everything.
His spitting images.  Doesn't read or write but talks.  Had a child there. Clever thought. Find something else to embarrass with your embrace. How's that stink eye? I hate moving sick.  Tour business has me lost and vomiting tea.  They do it anyway.  Using a pipe and kettle pot.  I got your 'funny' a long time ago. Way to slow up.
Nowhere to be nowhere to go nothing wants to be done. James I hear you.
  Now get off this horse-i don't like hurting you.
Ice cream parlor laundry mat coffee shop games got old. Burger and fries I can't afford cause you gave up. Back seat of this filthy car is where something piles up and keeps them honest. Lie down dammit! Gone ham. Staples and heavy boots. Tag you're not it. Sounded like his woman to get easy. No outs. These folks cause cancer, This hard heart, This dog milk to hemorrhage and spoil. Hit with a flat iron.
Is having something in common worth dying over? Your makeup looks terrible on me. I know I'm tired of dying to this. My dog soil took you for a walk. You listen to his mumbo jumbo.

Nobody owns this right?

My surprise. His play along. Burning gas. Loving that leather bag.

This back and fourth that beasts nature. Cute kiddie games wag and wave from this lot.

Damn summer trees with that loud ass buzzing bug.

Nobody news comes home and sees how these bold faces get dished. Stuck on my blue tooth ear.

My bold face.
Those flawless hands.

B got me drunk

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