RE: Plinky Prompt 1051

Call me one that doesn't choose to hurt someone's feelings by being brutally honest.  Sometimes honesty isn't the best medicine.  Certain facades are kept for a reason, that is why I agree that telling the truth doesn't always seem fair.  Perhaps the truth about something to me is not the truth to someone else.  Take the gospel of fashion for instance.  Do I need to express the way I'm so careful and delicate by wearing some designer blouse that looks amazing but only gets out of the closet for three months of the year?  Yes I believe that rotating your wardrobe is important and having a some delicate items that make you feel important and special are nice.   The point i was getting at has to do with the reason behind having some blouse that requires me to take special care of.  When this particular item is worn, it means so much more to me than anything else.  Ive taken this item to the cleaners, carefully left it in my closet not to be disturbed or russled around with common laundry, only feel the need to wear this when I'm feeling untouchable, like this blouse. 

Think about the clothes we've grown out of wearing.  think about what your wardrobe means to you.
Do you keep your clothes in a dresser bunched up and overflowing?  Do you hang things up when you're changing or do you pull everything down into a pile on the floor until you can decide what to wear?