The best place on earth

#Tout message from myself about burning fuel.  Awesome my pastor just reminded me we should be recommended.  Borrowed values at a pivotal time usually reminds me to be less concerned about a sense of prescence and what I am able to provide.  Not wanting to dread carrying around a likeness or similiarity of anyone in particular.  Although I do dread carrying around someone elses trash and being caught unable to create a plesant freshness without obviously masking what I know to be true.  What someone else is afraid to come to grips with becomes a burden to my own faith walk.  Losing a sense of pride in what I am gifted in to avoid being strange.  Without becoming entangled into a snare that was never meant for me.  All I’m able to do is consider the skillset I have been placed with like staring at a plan-o-gram.  Conceptualize.  Avoid Industrialize.  Monitize.  Acting like im better is the only thing that keeps your attention yet you do whatever you are capable of to tune me out.  With Great Joy I am aware of this.  Have you checked your wireless connection at home lately and wondered who’s  networks magically appear on the connection screen?  I have, momentarialy, then ignored them.  What’s the significance of this reminder you ask?  Remember those days people could just have an unlisted phone number and deny collect calls and such?  Now we have these obvious screen identifiers whenever someone within a hundred feet or so decides to connect to the internet from their home office.  Sort of like a snapshot of privacy invasion.  Not to become overly concerned with that but obviously that could be a door of some sort.  Look at the names of the connections and laugh to yourself.  Funny racehorse names no one really wants to pay attention to. 
Something that really gets on my last nerve is the people who physically do office work from their vehical parked in a garage, lot or in front of their homes.  I mean come on.  really.  What’s wrong with you getting the hell out of your pov and just being normal for once.  That crap messes with your head after awhile.  Meaning its not normal to set yourself up for failure like that when you know good and well you should be sitting at your desk, in your tv room or on the floor somewhere instead of pretending to be joy riding on your pc from your car all night.  What kind of idiot pretend gambler or mall security official are you?  Let me think like a simpleton now, so your car your rules like no drinking, eating etc in there right?  whatever.  Stop trying to control me.  Stop bringing me everywhere with you and you wont need your silly rules.  Stop trying to add value to your piece of shit by acting like an idiot. 
I swear there’s a secret internet monopoly going on around this area that no one wants to admit to.  Browser randomly freezes up, pages take forever to load, forget trying to search keywords on google.  Since when did the world wide web become something tossed around like a personal possesion?  Wtf? is this something to be envyous of?  Really Idiots.  Pretty sure I understand envy and have no use for it.  How’s this scarf sandwich treating you?  as my life seems to be moving around me faster than I am able to account for
Does the new year seem like a new chapter of the same old boring book or something entirely new?  Are we figuring out what sudonomical fires to keep kindling and what ones to let burn out? 
You’re acting like something and until you do this we’re tuning you out