thrill kill

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Rude behavior. Rude attitudes. Rude gestures. What makes a people become so rude? Do we have reason to display this behavior? When does this behavior rear its ugly head?

There are certain stereotypes with demographics and rude behavior. Take Boston for instance.

Where hindsight is twenty/twenty, we sing easily about past encounters of rudeness. People are sometimes rude when they're in a hurry and slowed down. Some people display rudeness as an act of their freedom where others view rudeness as an invasion of their privacy.

Why do i need to learn patience all the time? Couldn't this be a lesson for someone else? Its like instant thrill kill for an adrenaline junkie like myself.

Standing in line the other day i found myself in an almost confrontational situation. Knowing that this particular restaurant usually becomes busy during lunch hours. Being aware of this I called in my order 2 hours early. (I was thinking about lunch first thing in the morning) Should be a simple grab and go since my order was called in, right? Well there was a line almost out the door. The cashiers looked busy and I didn't know whether to jump the line or wait. Not wanting to be rude, I called the store from my mobile phone waiting in line, and voiced my situation. I was directed to be helped by a cashier that had just helped a guest. At the time the order was complete for that person, I stepped up to the register to pay for the order i had called in, and leave. The clerks reaction was for me to wait until the people in line had been served and then I could pay for my take out order. Made no sense so i politely said, no I'll pay for the order now since I called ahead of time, ok? Really don't like to be rude or have a spotlight beamed at me. The spotlight being, this chick bout to act a fool. Or this dude bout to act up since she jumped in front. Besides a nerdy grin from the guy at the register, and a whatever expression on the next guests face, problem solved. I didn't need to be rude, just needed to redirect the attention of the clerk away from what he was in a hurry to do.

That's a little embarrassing. Me and my need for french onion soup and a loaf of bread.
I suppose acting on my right as a customer who had called in advance to place an order could be viewed as rude. Excuse me for thinking ahead. I don't think that's so rude. The whole situation ended with me somewhat upset at the fact I just spent $15 for a loaf of bread and a quart of soup. Slipped my mind that i had made a huge pot of noodle soup the day before. Ha. Good start but not so good ending. Running errands just made me dummy up once again.