Brothers Closet Pt 2

So I decide to hang out for a while.  He has somewhere to be. Carefully placed a beverage on the table next to the computer, hoping not get caught here.  Hmmm.  Does he know Im in with his girlfriend?  She's all obsessed with him, ugh.  I'm avoiding her but on my own, snooping.  The internet might be the worst thing that ever happened to me. 

His screen saver is a picture of some supermodel chick with long hair.  Ah ha!  I found a shortcut. 
Looking arond the room after putting on this gospel album I brought.  I put one of his shirts on around my head like a scarf and pretend to be a headbanger.  Shouting and writing down lyrics in my head that went something like this. 

Forgive me popular magazine for falling victim to your stifled spirit and not contributing.  
Forgive me ego for stirring your spirit without producing anything worthwhile.
Forgive me congregation for not being your shoulder to cry on, for not directing my prayer in your understanding.
Forgive me fair for waiting so long to let you know you've impressed me and not counting on your ride.
Forgive me truth for feeling sad and lonely, empty and unattractive, unloved and hard headed.
Forgive me creature for testing your identity.
Forgive me creature for the commands i gave you that were beyond your understanding.
Forgive me itty bitty titty committee for not noticing your mark.
Forgive me for hecklers not believing you would breed this hate.
Forgive me love for a kiss and tell.
Forgive me for knowing your hidden shake-down.
Forgive me for not noticing your bruises sooner.
Forgive me for not lending ear to a dream.
Forgive me preacher for not dancing on a barbed-wire fence, For grooming before you.
Forgive me mobile homestead for not enjoying your show.
Forgive me lip service for this deep seated unease near you.
Forgive me cold for wanting heat.
Forgive me for believing in zero.
I might forgive you for reading in between these lines.
I might forgive you for laughing in my face. 
I might remember you as a friend.
I will probably recognize your over-familiarity and be unimpressed.
a zip
a note
your #OMG
a Suction cup collection
Unmarked cars spy-ing on you.
Honeybadgers & big black ugly snakes. 
Fix me puddin face!