Brother's Closet Pt 1


A mother's nightmare.  A reminder of what is important, what can be let go of, and what to keep.  How does one create a sense of privacy for their offspring?

Piece by piece we gather our belongings as children and put our things away.   Behaving and following the rules of the house.  We recognize lifes moments by the footprints we've left behind, the handprints we forget about.  Like walking around with a bag of peanuts dropping shells without realizing, then wondering how someone knew you were there.  LOL

Our mostly careful steps through joy, suffering, anguish- wanting to keep a simple story straight.  How did we meet?  How were things?  What could have been different?  Why do we complain? 

What happens when that sense of privacy is invaded?  Like when brother and sister get bored and start snooping around?  When someone doesn't realize theyre lurking around in someone elses space.  Like when I want to capitalize on  all the cool and interesting belongings I spot around the house.  Reminds me of when I was young, going through my brothers room.

Getting beyond the signals that i shouldn't be snooping or lurking around in this place, I take a look around in complete fascination.  This place is awesome!  Like i never want to leave.  i can tell he doesn't like to be bothered cause everything is in order.

This stuff is what im talking about, the hands on- i can fix, take apart, or find use for things.  He's got it all. Videogames. Remote control cars. DVDs and CDs along with the coolest TV and boom box. An at home gym system. Electric shavers. Anything and everything sports and fan related. A toolkit. Random nuts and bolts

Like I mentioned before, something of a nightmare for someone who doesn't work with their hands.  For someone who is afraid the dangers of sharp objects, rough edges, or learning something they don't want to know.  For someone who doesnt appreciate or recognize the reflection in the mirror.

Scavenger hunting through someone elses things is like a revelation for me.  God's will for my life when I was growing up as an adolescent was to be harmonious, not to sew into discord.  When i joined the workforce, God's will for my life was to be on time, look presentable and not too dishevel, and do what i'm told.  God's will for my life has never been complex or reason to be scrutinized or been something to loom over.   All these awesome things i have to say are just observations Ive made by taking notes and appreciating the sense i get when exploring brother's closet.   

Since he knows I love being here Im learning again how to play house, how to play office, and how to live.  Sort of making fun of this trap i sense has been made for me.  I know I get attention for the way I am able to look at something and find different meaning.  Ive learned not to get carried away.  Ive learned how to clean up behind myself and when to get lost.  Ive learned how to stand up for myself.