How you feel ordering what you didn't want

Pulling a semi home made dish for lunch today? All you'll need is the following ingredients from the frozen section of your local grocer: Tyson chicken tenders, Italian style stir fry veggies, and a box of Penni pasta.   For me, the simplest way to prepare this meal is using a slow cooker, adding the frozen veggies, a cup of liquid, a tablespoon or so of olive oil, and the Penni.  Cook on hi for about an hour, stir occasionally to keep the pasta from sticking.   Prepare the nuggets in the oven according to the directions on the package.  Sauce is optional.  Spaghetti sauce, Alfredo, or pesto work well. One variation to this dish is to serve with meatballs instead of chicken nuggets.   

Always find ways to enjoy a hearty meal.  The afternoon this dish was being prepared As I was muddling around, trying to find a way out the door for an afternoon jog.  Way too many steps were involved.  I decided to list the steps as way to further fusterate my efforts.
Going for a run:

Have a French toast breakfast
Check online for activity
Tune in to local sports talk radio
Leash one of the dogs, try muzzle training for added control
Use fingerless gloves to handle leash for hand protection
Unlock treadmill from upright position
Find clean socks and tennis shoes in case you haven't already got them on
A girdle and support bra for bounce reduction
Since it will be dark before any of these steps are repetitively followed and by the grace of dusk you actually build enough courage to look awkward and go for this run, don't forget to bring along a flashlight.  Wear reflective clothing. Keep your four legged companion close.  Keep an eye out for broken glass or debris on city sidewalks to prevent injury to their paws.

 In response to the overwhelming demand for a new drink from this fountain, here goes.  This only suits an individual that has an appreciation for sketchy people who always seem to know something about everything.  Its called an invisible man.  You'll need a highball glass filled with ice, ginger ale, two dashes of orange juice, .5oz triple sec, .5oz brandy, 2oz of gin.  Pour the gin, brandy, triple sec and orange juice into the highball glass then fill with ginger ale.  Stir and enjoy your invisible man.  Answer a couple questions while you're at it.  If public transportation were available in your neighborhood, would you use it?  Do you believe in fate?  What is more important, being kind or showing kindness?  From your semantic perspective, what describes the concept of wedlock to a congregation best?  How is a broken entrepreneurial spirit repaired? 

  • prompts week of 4/8
  • The Complete Bartenders Guide by Robyn Feller

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