Into thin air "my thing" has vanished

Can you relate?  How many times have you found yourself in this predicament:  One moment you have your change of clothes, purse and or wallet in your hands, keys, phone, ipod and whatever necessary items you need to continue on with your day; then something happens.  A temporary moment of insanity.  You set one of the items down then it disappears!  This post is dedicated to a moment of insanity I recently encountered.
This is how it began. I say to myself, "Self, lets go enjoy this dreary afternoon."  It wasn't freezing cold outside, just a soup and cozy blanket day.
Self replies, "OK.  Great, what do you suggest?"
I say, "Lets go out, get some exercise and fresh air without the dogs for a change, Maybe come back and blog about it.  Sound good?"
Self enthusiastically responds, "Sounds great!  Lets do it!"
Alright, better gear up, put some appropriate clothes on for doing exercise in outside keeping in mind its chilly out.  Good thing I grabbed my sports bra a second ago...wait.
That where the insanity set in.  Moments prior to the pep talk, I was positive my clothes were sitting neatly on the washing machine, or in the bathroom on the counter.  Nope they were gone.  I picked them up, set them down then they were nowhere to be found.  I wasn't completely naked, but walking around in a stupor.  The garments that were necessary to accomplish this activity had disappeared and were nowhere in sight.
This is when a shift in motives usually happens.  Should i stay indoors, fold the rest of the clothes that i had in the dryer so things don't disappear anymore?  No, no, I better keep going or else I'll never do it; Despite the overcast, chilly Florida afternoon.  Despite the fact that I had skipped breakfast.  I was determined.
For the last several days my agenda has been to keep a journal of the food I eat.  During the hours of this morning of insanity, my attempts at having breakfast failed.  All I remember was turning on the stove, putting some oatmeal and milk in a pot.  What I returned to was an explosion.
Now,  back to my bras.  The process of elimination began.  Are they in the refrigerator?  No.  The bathroom?  No.  Did I put them in the car?  Nope.  Is the dog or cat hiding them from me?  No.  (They were just following me around like it was some game, expecting a treat for good behavior, maybe more oatmeal.)  I continued in this process of elimination for about twenty minutes because I knew if I stopped looking, I would have ditched all efforts and probably ended up going to sleep.  

Eventually everything was right again.  I had found my sports bras!  They were still in the dryer, tangled and mixed under some other clothes; slightly out of sight.  Old man winter didn't win.  I went out and enjoyed that fresh air and moment of freedom.