People with Kids

Disclaimer: When I blog, my focus isn't always centered on an audience.   I cant stand someone who insists on finding ways to outwit and calculate everything, especially when I pour valuable time and effort into generating a post.  This i attribute to my strong dislike of teens.  If you are between the ages of  9 and 15 please stop reading my blog.  I like to write encouraging words about light and easy to manage topics but sometimes my posts end up being a discouragement and difficult to read.   I suppose I could be compared to an estranged unexpected guest with my blog about finding passion then an endless voyage to remove myself from the spotlight.
 I'm admittedly not interested in any of the stereotypical concepts that surround the idea of family.  this is the reason I find myself troubled when it comes to discussing sensitive topics like kids, politics, where I'm from and of course what I believe. 

I was however enlightened by watching the recent episode of Dont Sleep on BET hosted by the super fine TJ Holmes.  The panel was awesome.  Loved the conversation, especially the diversity of individuals and their backgrounds.  I was blushing a little too listening to the young woman who founded a movement based on her own struggle as a teen mom "knocked up."
My focus when blogging isn't always centered on any audience in particular however I easily placed myself as a member of  that audience due to the universal theme and easy to relate with guests. One comment in particular resounds with me about people with kids and parents.  There is a difference and I'm  glad that point was so eloquently made. 

One subject I hoped someone would have brought up during the discussion was the integration of simple technology and family relationships.  I don't like my folks out of the loop but it seems almost impossible to stay current with My adult cousins in Michigan, My mom in Ohio my in laws in Illinois and my-always in the know, Pseudo Extended Family in New York.  Am I thinking too broad? Seems like I'm short changed somewhere because of the generation gap and I'm assuming  everyone doesn't has a mobile phone made in the last 3 years.  I know for sure my mom doesn't like anything new.  Its like  I say lets Skype and she acts like I'm the guy on ESPN First Take(Steven A. Smith) arguing with her (Skip Bayless.)  I'm not trying to impose or ask her to review her will or discuss something she doesn't know or bash her for being completely wrong about the color blue.  Its just me.  Are my expectations too high?  I live states away from them all and have no control over that.  Its difficult.  Show me you care and learn how to take pictures, video call, text message and use your places on facebook or foursquare! I'm sick of calling myself friends over social media with people that intentionally isolate others and those you would consider 'gold diggers.'

Now about Black Friday; I don't plan on shopping because I'm just not interested in herding around with crowds of people at the stores.  Impulsively though i decided to go just because Starbucks was open and I figured I could play it cool with a cup of coffee and finding posts for my instagram.  Suppose I did go shopping.  Suppose I did have the appropriate means to indulge into this grand gesture of holiday shopping.  The first places on my list of stores to visit would simply be the furniture and hardware stores.  I'm not fond of having a 'guest-unfriendly' home in Florida.  It doesn't make sense.  I'm the only person I know who lives like a homeless person with a house. 

Before I take this post in a depressing direction centered around me and my troubles,  I remember the people still piecing back together their lives in the wake of SuperStorm Sandy. Numerous media and community outreach groups are reminding us that they need money.  HillsongNYC is actively engaging with the immediate needs in the Rockaway community highlighted by TJ Holmes.  In order to continue to be of assistance to the Rockaway community please contribute to the rebuilding efforts directly to places like their library, the congregation mentioned on the program by TJ Holmes: Full Gospel Tabernacle, 361 Beach 42nd Street, Far Rockaway, NY 11691 and the HillsongNYC Congregation through PayPal online.