American Politics and why I Despise Campaign Season

The good, bad and ugly all make me sick. Seriously, I'm writing this post while suffering from a mysterious aliment.  My stomach feels weak and I'm having a hard time trying to unwind.

 Its poisonous. The way we become superficial and hypocritical is irritating.  How we set our secret boundaries.  How no one really knows how to approach the delicate issues of abortion, same sex marriage, poverty and education, the criminal justice system, and war- without being over emotional and looking like a complete beast while foaming at the mouth?  How topics like affirmative action and PTSD get treated like cancer.  How everyone wants to be the victim of something just to have a voice.  "I'm a minority.  I'm too fat.  I'm too poor.  I'm jobless. I'm a Christian. I'm from a broken home.  I suffer with addiction. I have no rhythm.  I speak too slow.  I lost someone."   Suddenly religious fanatics, the gay community, the poor, children, and the elderly are the center of attention.  We all mostly just need a fix and superficiality is it.  Superficiality is our heroin, coke, weed or liquor.  Superficiality magically cures perversion and bigotry.  How do we as a people work within this superficial reality without needing to seek humor out of desperation?  I'm sick of the comedians getting beat up on for doing their thing.   I'm also sick of being confused as being comical when I'm dead serious..figure it out.  Finally,  How do we maintain superficiality without needing to use big words and long sentences, lots of expensive food, important titles and new outfits to get our point across?

 Thank God! Campaign Season is almost over.