Getting Uncomfortable with my Healthy Haunt

Trying to make the right connections. #lovefirecely

Since being 'away' involves showering, getting dressed, putting on makeup, having a list of places to go/things to do....

How is this not doing work? Where do the associations of earning an income become just a blur and who's counting anyway? #overshare

[Image: briefcase, heels vs shopping bags and sneakers]

Ignoring recipes, blind spots, only wanting to incorporate going up and down a staircase into my training plan.

I feel I hear a grown man's fears and tears

I feel I hear what I don't know what to do with

I feel I've hesitated and believe in a lie and wealth being given away for nothing

I hear I'm being told "Don't worry, I'm rich in here."

How are you wealthy? Vision? Deceit? Humility? Fear? Order? Faith?

"No, simply in self esteem."