Tuesday Jan 8 2013

She says something so clear and resounding about wisdom and the multitude of counsel...did you hear it?

Doing a little back-tracking myself .  Wasn't quite ready to hit the hay just yet, how appropriate I search for Don't Sleep hosted by TJ Holmes on YouTube.

What have you filled your long winter nights with so far?  Have any of you gone completely crazy with cabin fever?  Feels like I'm over budget in the sharing department somehow.  As a result, I will be temporarily offline considering the reconstruction of my digital whereabouts.

What sort of frivolous gifts have you re-gifted since Christmas?  Cant figure out what to do with that amazing new sketchpad, planner or notebook someone gave you?  Head over to the Moleskine  page and be renewed!

For some reason the last hour of the Today show is set to record on my DVR at 2am Tuesday-Friday.  When I watched the recordings my first thought was that the networks were screwing with my TV.  Next thought, how long ago did this segment air?  Katie and Hoda introduced an expert on secrect inexpensive beauty tips. Now I'm curious to try the Champagne rinse.  The result being temporary highlights.  Seems like an alright idea but wouldn't that bombard anyone within 3ft with the smell of liquor?  

Enough #sleeptalking for me for one night...off to bed.